Mrs. Nadia Gamha

Vice-Governor, Central Bank of Tunisia

Mrs. Nadia GAMHA is the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia as of August 2018 and the first woman to hold this job position in Tunisia and in the Arab world.

Mrs. GAMHA holds a master’s degree in business studies from the Institute of Higher Commercial Studies (HEC-Carthage) and a specialized master’s degree in banking management from the Institute for Financing the Development of the Maghreb (IFID).  She has 36 years of experience within the issuing institution.

As of her integration into the Central Bank of Tunisia, Mrs. Nadia GAMHA was steadily promoted until she reached a management position. Hence, she headed the banking supervision department for 7 years and was for 9 years the first Tunisian woman head of office of 3 successive governors.

During her career, she had the opportunity to contribute to major national projects including in particular the banking sector modernization program, reform of the legal and regulatory framework governing banking activity, strengthening the operational framework of banking supervision, and restructuring of public banks.

Further to her managerial responsibilities, she has led various training courses for the banking community and took part in several national and international seminars on governance, banking supervision and risk management including climate risks.

In addition, she is a member of the governance structures (Executive Board, audit committee, risk committee and governance committee) of several national and regional institutions (regulatory authority for the insurance sector, oil companies, banks, Arab Monetary Fund and the Arab Trade Financing Program).

In her current role, she oversees implementation of the Central Bank’s strategic plan, which includes several structuring projects.

Mrs. Nadia GAMHA is also committed to promoting financial inclusion and making from the digital system a lever for spreading access to financial services. Hence, she is vice-president of the Tunisian financial inclusion watch’s Board and a member of Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) board of directors.