Mr. Essam Al Quorashy

CPA,CMA,CFM , Secretary General of the Special Account Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development.

Mr. Essam Alquorashy has 35 years of experience in the management, financing and development of SMEs in Arab countries. Experience accumulated during his time with various public sector organizations leading the financing of SMEs in Egypt and Kuwait and the private sector in the Gulf countries. Since 2021, Mr. Essam has held the position of Secretary General of the Special Account. Previously and for 8 years, Essam was part of the Special Account team as an advisor and led a team aimed at supporting SMEs in Arab countries. The Special Account was created following the initiative of the State of Kuwait in 2009 during the Arab Economic and Social Summit and which endorsed the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development to manage the Special Account. 18 Arab countries have subscribed to the special account capital to develop SMEs in Arab countries. The special account provides all forms of financing and technical assistance to establish a favorable and conducive environment for the sustainability and development of SMEs. Since its creation, The Special Account has lent $1.5 billion to 30 financial institutions and governments in 12 Arab countries and has granted approximately $3 million to 6 countries to provide technical assistance to SMEs. Essam is a graduate of Mansoura University – Egypt and holds several international professional certifications from the United States  (CPA, CMA and CFM).