Mr. Homam abdulaziz Hashem

Directeur Général du Programme Kafalah Arabie Saoudite

Homam Hashem, Joined Kafalah as CEO of Kafalah-Loan guarantee program in 2017. Homam has over 25 years of experience in the financial sector & financial consulting services. Mr. Hashem joined Kafalah and worked with the team on restructuring the operations, launching new products, expanding the business network, and empowering the young team in Kafalah.
Kafalah worked to increase its contribution from the total SME financed business from 4% to almost % within past five years and supporting more than 862K Jobs, through 55,543 issued guarantees with a lending value 84 billion SAR.
Mr. Hashem has a successful tracking record of managing a risky portfolio and converting opportunities to tangible business for both consumer and SME business. Homam has managed several strategic AI and scoring projects that helped automate the credit decision and published multiple articles on this subject.