Concept Note

The institutional guarantee of MSME financing (……………………………) has been undergoing a significant evolution in the MENA Region, following the example of developed and emerging economies in the rest of the world. This evolution, both quantitative (volume of activity and resources committed, SME beneficiaries, various additionabilities and qualitative (evolution of the economic model, diversification of the guarantee offer, digitalization…), observed at the level of guarantee structures, impact institutions, given the important role they play as regards access to financing for SMEs, which is a major determinant of economic growth, employment and social integration.   

At the same time, our societies are also undergoing continuous evolution and transformation. The COVID-19 crisis, which is a typical example that has disrupted our daily lives and activities, has revealed the role played by guarantee institutions and programs. Similarly, shocks in terms of energy and food commodities, the environment crisis and the scarcity of resources will be the challenge for coming period for everyone involved.

After decades of activity in the field of institutional credit guarantee in the MENA region, the 7th symposium will attempt to identify the progress made and landmarks on the road travelled so far, development axes and challenges lying  ahead , in order  to enable public authorities and donors, to lay the foundations for a sustainable and durable activity.