About Previous International conference guarantee institutions and programs In the Middle East and North Africa

The organization of regional forums of guarantee institutions for the Middle East and North Africa began in the fall of 2014 and continued to organize regular and frequent sessions over two days. The network of guarantee institutions in the MENA region includes the following guarantee companies and programs: Morocco, Algeria (2 institutions), Tunisia, Egypt (1 institution- 1 program), Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Yemen. These conferences were organized successively.

A conference in Amman Jordan November 24/25, 2014

A conference in Cairo Egypt, May 11/12, 2016

A conference in Marrakech Morocco October 26/27, 2017

A conference in Beirut Lebanon April 3/4, 2019

A virtual conference in Riyadh Saudi Arabia September 6/7, 2021

A virtual conference in Doha Qatar May 23/24, 2022

These forums are usually organized under official auspices such as the Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank and are supported by government agencies with a distinguished sectoral and professional presence.

The previous sessions hosted many actors in Guarantee institutions in Europe, Latin America and Asia and associations that are interested and active locally and locally in the field of guarantee, as well as financiers and supporters of development and financing of small and medium enterprises, many institutions participated in these events such as AMF-AFD-WB-GIZ- EBRD-USAID-IFC-SME Finance Forum-BPI France-AECM-GNGI-REGAR.